Dr. Kortor Namgwa Joseph
Phone: +2348023206776

Medical Director ... IN ACADEMICS

Dr. Kortor Namgwa Joseph graduated as a Bachelor of medicine & surgery at University of Calabar Medical school, Calabar in April 1998; he also studied at National Orthopaedic Hospital, Lagos in 2007 and partook in the Part two fellowship examination of faculty of surgery (orthopedics) of West African college of Surgeons.

He has other academic qualifications including:
  • Part two fellowship examination of faculty of surgery (orthopaedics) of the National Postgraduate College of Nigeria (2008)
  • Part one fellowship examination of faculty of surgery Of National post graduate medical college of Nigeria (2004)
  • Part one fellowship examination of faculty of surgery of the west African college of surgeons (2004)
  • Primary fellowship examination of the faculty of Surgery of the west African college of surgeons (2001)


Dr. Kortor has worked in so many institutions where he gathered his wealth of experience between 1998 till date, here are some of such instituions:

  • Chief Consultant Surgeon and Senior Lecturer: Benue State University, College of Health Sciences Department of Surgery (Feb.2008 till date)
  • Clinical Fellow:  National university hospital, Singapore Department of hand and Reconstructive Microsurgery
  • Senior Registrar: National orthopaedic Hospital, Lagos
  • Registrar, Department of surgery :  National orthopaedic Hospital, Lagos
  • Registrar Department of surgery : Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Lagos
  • Medical officer: Winrose Clinic, Warri, Data State Nigeria
  • Crop Doctor:  Central Hospital Warri; Delta State
  • House Office: NKST Hospital, Mkar, Gboko


Dr. Kortor is now a Consultant Orthopaediac / Trauma surgeon and belongs to the following professional bodies:
  • Fellow of West African College of Surgeons
  • Fellow of National Postgraduate Medical College
  • Chemical fellow — Hand and reconstructive Microsurgery
  • AO Trauma Fellow
  • Member of National Orthopaedic Association
  • Affiliate member — American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons


He has contributed so much in (medical) education by publishing more than 10 books, among which are:

1. Chira MK, Kortor J.N Management of complicated syndactyly in Apert’s Syndrome: our experience, Nig J Plastic surgery 2009;5 64 -67.

2. Kortor JN, YinusaW, Ugbeye ME. Lower limb Injuries Arising from Motorcycle crashes. Nig J. Med. 2010, 19 (4) 475 – 478.

3. Kortor JN Ogwuche E. Unar artery Pseudoanenrysmwith Ulnar nerve Palsy. Nig. J Plastic Surgery 2011; 7(1).

4. Kortor JN, Ior J, Jombo G, Kpela T. surgical Site infection in a Rehabilitation Hospital-pattern and types Nig J. Orthop and Tramms. 2011; 10(2) : 110 – 113.

5. Kortor JN Kpela TM, Popoola SO, pin tract infections following external fixation of open fractures . J. Med in the tropics. 2011; 13(2): 105 – 108.

6. Kpela TM, Umoren EB, Ekaneru TB, Kortor JN. The effects of palm wine on the morphometry and femur Histology of wistan Rat Foetuses.J Med in the tropics 2011; 13 (2): 129 – 133.

7. Kortor JN Kpele TM, Popoola SO. Lower limb disabilities following Motorcycle crashes. J med in the tropics 2012 ; 14(2): 147-150.

8. Popoola SO, Kortor JN Onyemachi OC. Knowledge and Attitude of Health care workers towards Traditional Bone setters in Benue State. Nig J Orthop and Trauma. 2012; 11(1): 1-7.

9. Kortor JN, Ior J, Ameafula ET Treatment of forefoot plantar ulcers in leprosy: Our experience. Nig J Orthop and Trauma.2012; 11(2): 125-129.

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12. Elachi IC, Songden ZD, Yongu WT, Kortor JN, Mue DD. Causal conditions for major limb amputation at a specialist hospital in North central Nigeria. Jos J of Med. 2013; 7(2): 41-45.


The KPPC Medical Director likes travelling (he has traveled to so many states in Nigeria and abroad including Chicago IL, New Orleans, Baltimore etc, for tourism, medical demands and conferences); he also likes listening to music and Reading.